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KUSALAVA had started supplying its products to the after market under the brand name TIGER POWER since 1982. It has a dominating presence in the after market and enjoys the confidence of major engine rebuilders/reborers, OEMs and mechanics. Currently it possesses a market share of 35% in India and 30% in USA.Even Exports a major share of its production to various countries across the globe viz., Italy, U.K., France, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius and the Middle East. It had wide-spread, well established networks in India, USA, Canada and Europe to serve its clients on 24x7 bases. Tiger Power offers a wide range of ?The Tough Parts' like Cylinder Liners/Sleeves, Valve Seat Inserts, Valve Guides, Pistons, Piston Pins, Gaskets, Alfin Nickel Inserts, cast sleeves for aluminum blocks, cast iron/Ductile Iron Pipes .

It caters to Marine, Industrial, Automotive, refrigeration, compressors, Tractor, Aeronautical and Truck Business. It also caters to the after market requirements by indirectly supplying the liners in Bulk to Liner manufacturers.

TIGER POWER TOUGH PARTS has dovetailed their process to give peak performance with best quality at affordable price ? a tangible result.

We are proud to say now TIGER POWER TOUGH PARTS is complete Global.

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