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Good testing equipment helps in getting quality right the first time. Kusalava has in process and post process in testing equipment to keep track on the process capability and identify defect before it occurs.

Some of the key equipments being used for testing are given below:

Material Testing:

Chemical composition Spectrometer, Wet Lab & CE Analyser
Hardness Vicker, Rockwell & Brinell
Microstructure Metallurigal Microscope fitted with image analyzers
Tensile Strength UTM
Material Flaw Detectors Eddy Current detectors & Magnetic Particle Crack Detector
Dimensional Testing  
Roundness Tester  




Profile Projector  
Surface Roughness & Plateau Parameters  
The pictures below give an insight into the various types of testing equipment we have at Kusalava.



 - Total Machining Capacity: 5,000,000 Liners/Annum
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