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Foundry Process Description:
Raw material is classified based on its chemical composition and stored in individual bins, raw material is transferred from the bins to the furnace using a magnet. Induction furnaces are used to melt the metal, once the required temperature is obtained a chill sample is prepared and the chemical analysis is checked on a spectrometer. The metal is then transferred into a holding furnace, the temperature is checked again in the holding furnace and metal is tapped into a ladle. The metal in the ladle is further transferred into a smaller refractory crucible designed to take metal equivalent to the casing weight, the crucible automatically transfers the metal into the mold on the carousel machine.

The carousel machine then cools the mold externally with water for a few minutes and casting is extracted, the molds are again prepared for taking the next casting, by cleaning the molds with air and coating them with a special refractory coating. All the operations on the carousel are automated and are controlled by an onboard Industrial Computer thereby maintaining a high process capability.

For casting above 20 Kg, Single Station Trunnion machines are used.

The following pictures give an insight into the foundry process at Kusalava



 - Total Melting Capacity: 60,000 Tons/Annum
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