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Total Productive Maintenance , shortly termed as TPM, is the concept originated and developed by Japan Institute of plant Maintenance (JIPM) Tokyo, since late sixties. JIPM-TPM is the key for the operational excellence for many Japanese companies.

TPM means to achieve high level of productivity, through total participation of all people inside the organisation and then developing self -managing abilities in people and practices. Productivity, in JIPM-TPM means increasing production and reducing cost simultaneously.

TPM is based on zero-loss concept viz., zero break downs, zero accidents, zero defects etc., primarily to achieve high reliability/flexibility of equipment and reduce costs through minimizing wastage of man hours, raw material, power, tools etc.

JIPM-TPM paves way for an excellent planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling practices through a unique 8-pillars method. JIPM-TPM provides an easy way of developing activities through its TPM promotion organisation involving 100% of employees on continuous basis.

Kusalava had kicked off the TPM initiative across the organisation on July 3rd 2006. The eight pillar activities viz Daily autonomous maintenance by operators, Planned maintenance, Quality maintenance, Education and training, Health, Safety and environment, Individual improvement, Development management and Office TPM are being implemented across the company. It had already started achieving excellent results in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Safety & Morale.


We commit ourselves to maximize
   ‘Overall Plant Effectiveness’ by achieving:                        

- Zero Breakdowns
- Zero Accidents
- Zero Defects
- A Safe and Clean Environment

and eliminate all other losses through
Total Employee Involvement.
Date: 4th Jan 2005
Managing Director
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