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Automatic Train Charting Software


A software for Tracking Station-wise Train Arrival-Departures, by considering sequential operations of Tracks, Points and Signals, recorded by Data-loggers, by the way graphical representation (Time v/s Stations) of Actual and predicted train movements..

  • Tracking and predicting the Entire train movements.
  • Enables the controller to spend more time on planning instead of manual charting.
  • Accuracy in train arrival/departure timings up to seconds.


  • Train movements tracking for both panel Interlocking and route Relay Interlocking.
  • Handles various combinations of stations.
  • Carrying Train Numbers from one station to next station.
  • Handling Train Break, Merge conditions.
  • On line Plotting of Train Movements.
  • Prediction of Train movements with configurable priorities
  • Display, Monitoring & Alerts of Maintenance Blocks,
  • Reports on Punctuality Loss (both in Graphical as well as Textual).
  • Train Handing-Over / Taking-Over Reports.
  • Platform occupancy

Customer Benefits:

More time for planning activities like Crew , Guards & Driver booking, Signaling, Engineering , Loco Control etc. .



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