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GPS-based Station Arrival Indication System


Station arrival indication system predicts time of arrival at stations down the line based on

GPS Longitude/Latitude data and displays the corresponding messages.

System Features

  • Microprocessor based system control
  • Unmanned operation and Multilingual display
  • Capable of storing 8,000 station names.
  • Display of
    • Stoppage duration for the next halt station
    • Expected scheduled time of next halt station
    • Remaining halting stations and expected time to reach respective station
    • Current date and time
    • Nearest hospital along with distance
    • Safety / security messages
    • Advertisements
  • Real time clock backup from GPS reception
  • Variable display scrolling speeds

Technical Specifications:

LED Display

Case Dimension (LxDxH) 758.5x75x158.5mm
Display Type 16x96 dots
Number of Sides Single Sided
LED type SMD
Pixel Color RED
Center to Center pixel spacing 7.5mm
Character Size 113mm
LED brightness 300 mcd
Viewing Angle 120o
Viewing Distance Up to 30 mts
Interface Wired serial communication  / ZigBee  wireless communication
Case Material Powder coated galvanized iron
Mounting Wall Mountable
Power Supply Power supply on board
Operating Temperature -10o to +70oC




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