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Micro Processor Based Data Logger  

The status of various Railway Signal Control and interlocking relays are essentially to be logged in order to verify, diagnose its operation, maintenance and faults. Data logger logs the change of status of every relay connected to it. Logged data transmitted upon to the central place to generate various exceptions, reports and other information by application software.


Salient Features:

  • Micro-Processor based system
  • Maximum 4096 opto isolated digital inputs @ 16 mSec sampling and 96 individually isolated analog input voltage channels @ 1 Sec.
  • Non-volatile data storage (more than 26 lacks) in NAND Flash and can be retrieved into Memory Card.
  • LCD, LED and Key Board interface for User interaction
  • Printer interface for Hard copy of logged data
  • 8 serial communication ports with high data rates
  • In built dual Modem for network
  • Suitable for different types of Communication media like
    • Main telecom cable
    • Quad Cable
    • Analog Channel of OFC, digital microwave and analog microwave
    • 64KBPS data channel on OFC or digital microwave
  • Potential free relay contacts to control from central place
  • Audio – Visual alarms on exceptions and faults

Front End Processor:

It buffers Data between server and data logger network and sends data to CMU

  • Multiple serial ports (max 9 ports) to connect network in various points
  • Software filter for Redundant data
  • 26 lacks events storage


Network Management of Data Loggers (NMDL)

  • Network Management of Data Loggers (NMDL)
  • status of all the data loggers in he network
  • Online status of digital/analog inputs
  • Data selective viewing
  • Online graphical mimic display of every station layout
  • Auto backup on exceeding configured size of data base.


  • Status-orientated maintenance means less maintenance effort and hence savings in human and material resources.
  • Early recognition and clearing of faults reduce the number of delays considerably
  • A long-term evaluation of past measurement data is possible.
  • This data can be useful in other applications like Train Charting, Train Management System, Wrong Operation Information System, Integrated Passenger Information System etc

Other Domains:

Some other domains where the data logger was implemented are

  • Weather Monitoring System
  • Battery Monitoring Unit
  • Water Distribution System
  • Power Scada



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