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Point Machine Health Monitoring Unit  

This system indicates the point machine’s health by monitoring its current, common power supply and DC Earth Leakage Detection (ELD) voltage supplies along with operations (Relay status) there by allowing railway operators to perform preventive maintenance.



Salient Features:

  • Micro-controller based system
  • Monitors the following types of point operations
    • Single Ended operations
    • Double Ended Serial operations
  • Able to monitor combination of both types of Point operations
  • Maximum of 48 Point Motors can be monitored
  • Scanning rate of Current and Voltages is 32 samples per second
  • Graphical representation of Current and voltage characteristics of point machine during point operation
  • Provision to compare selected point operations for selected point machine with the ideal reference graph.
  • Generating exceptions and alarms when current, voltages or point operation time exceeds configured limits
  • Faults generation in application S/W
    • Initial High Peak current
    • Obstruction at Point Motor
    • Carbon Brushes worn out
    • Weak Friction Clutch
    • Defective Power Cable
  • Local data can be transferred to central location
  • History reports between selected dates of selected point machines
  • No changes necessary to the outdoor equipment
  • Developing integrated system for monitoring following point operations
    • Single Ended operations
    • Double Ended Serial operations
    • Double Ended Parallel operations
    • Simultaneous operations
    • Combinations of above operations



  • Status-orientated maintenance means less maintenance effort and hence savings in human and material resources.
  • Early recognition and clearing of faults reduce the number of delays considerably
  • A long-term evaluation of history data is possible.





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