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Relay Interlocking Supervisory System


A Supervisory system on Interlocking failures and Wrong Operations.

System Architecture:

System will be connected to a Data Acquisition device 'Data-logger’ that records the statuses of Interlocked Relays. System gets the relays status from Data Logger and process the information with the help of Static and Dynamic logics to conclude the occurred operation is Safe , wrong operation or failure,

If any wrong operation or Failure occurs that will be alerted to the user located at Control Panel


The system is capable of monitoring

  • Signaling Operations
  • Point Operations
  • Operations on Control Panel
  • Permitted Train Movements
  • Conditions for Route setting and Route Release Operations.
  • Route Initiation
  • Checking and Locking Relays

Unsafe conditions on above will be identified and alerted by the system besides giving daily report or reports between any two cumulative dates.


System can be applied to the following interlocking types

  • Solid State Interlocking
  • Panel Interlocking
  • Route Relay Interlocking
  • Electro Mechanical Interlocking


  • Reduces the accident occurrence probability by warning at initial stage.
  • Improves discipline of Operator while working on Control panel.
  • Minimizes time lapses during Signal Failures
  • Useful for post analysis on Failures.




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