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Train Monitoring System


Train Monitoring System monitors the movements of trains within the control section from remote control room and graphically simulates online Status of the multiple stations (Digitized Yard Layouts with Train Movements) in LCD Monitors. More than one Station yard Layout can be viewed in each Monitor depending on the size of the Yard.

System Requirements:

  • All individual stations connected with Dataloggers and networked to the Divisional Headquarters.
  • Oracle Database Server
  • Work Station with multiple VGA Cards.
  • Network Management of Datalogger software.
  • Automatic Train Charting Software.


  • Online Graphical Display of Status of all the Board Station yards for efficient control.
  • Online Status of all auto sections for effective planning and monitoring of train movements.
  • Online status of various assets like points, signals, Shunt signals, crank handles, Gates, Axle Counters, Route Relays and Knobs.
  • Route Set Indication.
  • Details of Train like Train No. / Name passing through a station.
  • Details of train(s) in auto section.

Customer Benefits:

  • This software enables controller to know the position of train(s) within his control section at a glance.
  • Unwanted movements if any in the Yard can be identified by the control and can be informed to relevant staff.




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